Weather Information

feveR! provides on-site, real-time, weather safety data

There is a need to provide producers with on-site, real-time weather safety data.

Ambient temperature, humidity, dewpoint will be measured and reported alongside the animal’s individual body temperature.

If the temperature is used as a key diagnostic tool, the impact of the environmental situation needs consideration.

Economic losses occur when cattle are outside their breed specific thermo comfort zones.

Environmental extremes (high ambient temperature, high relative humidity) can mimic the clinical signs of respiratory disease. Are the cattle suffering from heat stress or pneumonia?

feveR! calculates the values for the Livestock Weather Safety Index (THI)

  • Temperature Heat Index (THI) was developed to estimate the health risk of heat stress.
  • Calculation is based principally on local ambient temperature and relative humidity.
  • feveR documents the environmental data into the animal’s health record.
  • THI values are measured and recorded by feveR. The relative level of risk to cattle health associated the following TSI scores.
≤ 74 -  normal
75-78 – alert
79-83 – danger
≥ 84– emergency